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 Form 2 History and Government Development of Industries Online Video Lessons

Factors influencing industrialization in South Africa.

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Answer Text:
- She attained majority rule in 1994 after a long struggle against the apartheid regime.
- The country has achieved great strides in industrialization with many industries including iron and steel industries, engineering, locomotive,
chemical, textile, cement, light industries and tourism
Factors influencing industrialization in South Africa.
(a) The country is endowed with mineral resources such as gold, diamonds, Iron, etc.
(b) Availability of Cheap, both skilled and unskilled labour from the country’s large population.
(c) Availability of natural resources. For example mineral supplies like gold, lead, iron ore, uranium, manganese, Zinc, Bauxite, Tin, Chromium, etc.
(d) Development of hydro-electricity has boosted industrialization.
(e) Development of transport and communication. Railway lines, water and road network have been improved thus opening the resources for the exploitation and for transportation of manufactured goods.
(f) Availability of capital from her trade in other materials.
(g) Government support. The government has adopted sound economic policies that promote industrialization.