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 Form 2 History and Government Development of Industries Online Video Lessons

Impact of scientific inventions on agriculture.

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Answer Text:
Impact of scientific inventions.
Impact of scientific inventions on agriculture.
(a) Food production has been increased thanks to the use of farm machinery, fertilizers, pest control methods and scientific breeding.
(b) Scientific inventions have stimulated scientific research in the field of agriculture. This is done in schools, agricultural institutes and colleges.
(c) Farming of perishable foods has been made possible due to invention of
preservation methods for foods like canning and refrigeration.
(d) Increased food production has led to increase in population. There is increased food security. There is also increased trade.
(e) Biotechnology has contributed to
diversification of agriculture leading to greater crop and animal production.
(f) Farming has been revolutionized from small-scale subsistence farming to large –scale economic activity due to mechanization on farms.