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 Form 2 History and Government Development of Industries Online Video Lessons

Emergence of selected world industrial powers:Factors influencing the industrialization of USA.

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Answer Text:
Emergence of selected world industrial powers.
United States of America (USA).
- This is the third largest nation in the world after Canada and China.
- Industrialization of the USA began in the mid-19th century and she had emerged as a major
industrial power by mid-20th century.
- USA remains the only superpower in the world after collapse of USSR in 1990.
Factors influencing the industrialization of USA.
(a) Abundance of natural resources like iron ore, oil from the oilfields of
Texas, copper and coal. There were also agricultural raw materials like cotton, corn, wheat and Tobacco and forest resources which boosted industrial development.
(b) Good transport and communication. The
USA government developed transport systems in the country. For example railway (opened in 1869), roads, and water transport.
(c) Availability of both skilled and unskilled labour some of which
came from the immigrant population.
(d) There were scientific and technological advances to support the industrial process especially by the Europeans who moved to USA.
(e) Foreign investments in the 19th c from countries like Britain led to industrial development.
(f) The high American population was a source of domestic market for her industrial products. Her high quality products were also on high demand outside America.
(g) Enterprising citizens. The Americans were ready to venture into business. Some had good managerial skills. For example John Rockfeller ventured in the petroleum sector, roduction of cars.
(h) Long periods of political stability since her independence assured investors of security and thus paving way for industrialization.
(i) Availability of sources of energy like coal, petroleum, gas and HEP and later Atomic energy.