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 Form 2 History and Government Development of Industries Online Video Lessons

The uses of steel and iron metals

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Answer Text:
Iron and steel.
- Iron was not really a source of energy but the industrial revolution was dependent on the availability of iron
Uses of iron.
(a) Production of machines for textile industry. Water pipes and
ploughs were made of iron.
(b) Production of steam engines.
(c) Building of trains, railway lines ships, wheels, bridges and coach frames.
- In an attempt to overcome the disadvantages of iron (it
was too heavy and could rust easily), in 1856, an Englishman, Henry Bessemer produced steel out of Iron and Carbon. (Steel is an alloy of iron and Carbon and is lighter, flexible, stronger and harder than iron).
- Stainless steel, commonly used in cutlery is an alloy of Steel and Chromium.
Uses of steel.
(a) The construction of rail lines, bridges, cars and ships.
(b) The manufacturing of machinery especially in the agricultural and industrial sector.
(c) Reinforcement of concrete in buildings and roofing houses.
(d) Making of containers and utensils.