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 Form 2 History and Government Development of Industries Online Video Lessons

Uses of Gold in Africa

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Answer Text:
- This was the first metal to be used by humankind.
- It was used in Meroe, Egypt, Wangara in Ghana and in Central Africa.
- Gold is malleable and therefore it could be easily moulded into the desired shape without smelting it.
- Its softness however implied that tools made from gold could bend easily.
- It was also heavy and could not be found everywhere.
Uses of Gold.
(a) It was used to make ornaments and decorations.
- In Egypt, it was used to make jewellery like rings, bangles and bracelets.
(b) It was used to make utensils, such as plates, vases and drinking vessels.
(c) It was used to make swords and flint knife handles among the rich in Egypt.
(d) It was used to make coins in Egypt.
(e) It was used as a trade item in East, central and west Africa
(f) It was used to make weapons such as sword and knife blades.
(g) Gold was also a measure of wealth in Egypt.