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 Form 2 History and Government Development of Industries Online Video Lessons

Factors that led to emergence of Germany as a superpower

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Answer Text:
- The unification of Germany took place in 1871 after which she began to emerge as an industrial power.
- Emergence of Germany as an industrial power was aided as by the following factors:
(a) Establishment of the customs union, Zollverein. This linked the German states and removed trade barriers hence leading to free trade and economic growth in Germany.
(b) Germany was rich in coal which was an important source of energy for the industries. HEP and Atomic energy was also produced o boost industrialization.
(c) Abundance of natural resources like water and minerals like iron ore from Alsace and Lorraine, coal, oil and
copper which were vital industrial raw materials.
(d) The large Germany population was a source of both skilled and unskilled labour. The system of education also ensured availability of skilled labourers.
(e) There was also a large domestic market from the large population. Her products were also on high demand from the rest of Europe.
- For example, her vehicles (Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes Benz).