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 Form 2 History and Government Development of Industries Online Video Lessons

Factors that enabled Japan to emerge as an industrial power.

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Answer Text:
Factors that enabled Japan to emerge as an industrial power.
1. She had enterprising citizens who were hard working and determined. They are always ready to undertake risks in business. The national
motto ‘just in time’ confirms their efficiency.
2. The Long period of political stability especially after World War II has promoted industrialization.
3. The role played by America in financing the industrialization process in Japan as a means of
preventing her from falling under the influence of communists after world war II.
4. Japan is a country whose industrial growth has never been slowed down by industrial disputes.
5. The Japanese goods are always of high quality and affordable. For example the vehicles, thus ensuring a steady market both locally and internationally.
6. The Japanese education system is technically oriented ensuring production of skilled. Unskilled manpower has been made availability thanks to the abolition of the policy of feudalism that enabled labourers to move from the farms to the industries.
7. Japan has a well-developed transport and communication network of railway, roads, water transport, large airports and electric trains.