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Meaning and causes of scientific revolution.

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Answer Text:
The scientific Revolution.
- Science is the systematic study of the nature and behaviour of the material and physical universe based on observation.
- The scientific revolution refers to the history of science in the early modern period, where sudden development in
mathematics, physics, astronomy, biology, medicine and chemistry transformed views of society and nature.
Causes of scientific revolution.
(a) Discovery of the New World. Exploration/ conquest leading to discovery of new plant/
animal life. Great advances made my Portuguese navigators fueled an interest in learning more about the stars.
(b) Invention of the Printing Press. Allowed for rapid dissemination of scientific knowledge.
(c) Rivalry among Nation-States. Constant warfare among nation-states pushed for scientific development by placing an importance on technology, or applied science.
(d) Renaissance / birth of knowledge. During this
period, Human interest in the classical world increased.
(e) Financial support for governments and individuals. Governments and individuals financed scientific research.