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 Form 2 History and Government Development of Industries Online Video Lessons

Factors that led to industrial development in continental Europe.

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Answer Text:
Factors that led to industrial development in continental Europe.
(a) Political stability and strong leadership that followed the unification of Italy and Germany and end of Napoleonic rule in France created a conducive environment for investments when
compared to other European countries.
(b) The agrarian revolution that had taken place in continental Europe ensured that the countries had raw materials for their industries.
(c) There was adequate capital from the rich
traders who willingly invested in industry. Britain also gave loans to the European countries to industrialize.
(d) Existence of good banking and insurance systems which gave financial help and
security to the industries.
(e) Existence of a large population which provided both skilled and unskilled labour required by the industries.
(f) The European governments supported the industrial ventures
that were aimed at enhancing economic development.
(g) Existence of a steady internal and external market for the manufactured goods/there was a high European population that consumed most goods locally.