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 Form 2 History and Government Development of Industries Online Video Lessons

Ways in which the iron culture spread in Africa.

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Answer Text:
Ways in which the iron culture spread in Africa.
(1) Through wars of conquest e.g. Egypt versus Assyrians where the Assyrians forced the Egyptians to learn to use iron from Meroe to make strong weapons.
(2) Trade e.g. the Mesopotamians traded
with Africans. The North African then traded with the West Africans.
(3) Intermarriages e.g. Arabs and Africans intermarried and hence a new iron culture and technology developed.
(4) Through learning and acquiring the technology from neighbors.
(5) Increased demand for iron tools for agriculture, weapons and iron products increased trade in iron.
(6) Migrations. e.g. in east Africa where the Bantus and Nilotes arrived from West African region with the iron culture which they introduced to east Africa.
(7) Travelers and messengers who gave out and received the gifts of iron.