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 Form 2 History and Government Development of Industries Online Video Lessons

Impact of scientific inventions on industry.

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Answer Text:
Impact of scientific inventions on industry.
(a) Large quantities of goods can be produced due to scientific inventions. This has led to enjoyment of economies of scale.
(b) Efficient sources of energy necessary for
industrial production have been developed.
(c) Improvements in transport and communication have stimulated industrial development. Movement of labour, raw materials and manufactured goods is efficient.
(d) There has been increased exploitation of resources like factories, fisheries, minerals etc, as factories yearn for raw materials due to increased production.
(e) The large scale manufacture of goods has led to growth of
trade. This in turn has created wealth for industrialized nations.
(f) Space exploration has been enhanced through science. Satellites are used in photographing of the earth’s surface and in weather research.