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 Form 2 History and Government Development of Industries Online Video Lessons

Development of industries:early sources of energy

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Answer Text:
- Industry is defined as the skill of making other products from raw materials.
- It involves extraction and processing into finished products of raw materials.
Early Sources of Energy.
- Energy is the ability to do work.
- The following are the early sources of energy that can be identified.
- Wood developed as a source of energy after the discovery of fire.
- It was used as follows;
(a) Making fire which provides heat to warm people during cold seasons, lighting, to cook roots and roast meat, for hunting (bushfires), tool-making to harden tips, means of communication and food preservation.
(b) Charcoal made from wood fuel provided heat that was used for steaming water to provide steam power for steam engines during the industrial revolution.
- Wind was used to drive sailing ships during the
trade between East African Coast and the Far East.
- Windmills were used in China to grind grain and process foods.
- They were also used to pump water from polders in Netherlands.
- Windmills are also used to generate electricity.
- Water has been harnessed to produce HEP
- Water was used to turn wooden propellers (water wheels) which in turn turned grindstones to grind grains into flour.
- In England, it was used in the Textile and paper
industry to turn spinning machines
- In Italy, water-powered machines were used to make copper pots, weapons of war, to spin silk and to sharpen various tools.