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 Form 2 History and Government Development of Industries Online Video Lessons

Obstacles to industrialization in Brazil.

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Answer Text:
Obstacles to industrialization in Brazil.
(a) High levels of poverty (more than 40% of the population is poor) meaning low purchasing power.
(b) Inability to fully exploit her natural resources especially those found in low population zones like the south where labour for exploitation is lacking.
(c) Huge foreign debt. A lot of money is being used to service these debts at the expense of industrialization.
(d) Poor technology. The use of appropriate technology for exploitation of natural resources and manufacturing of goods is still lagging behind in Brazil.
(e) Stiff completion from the industrialized nations like USA and Western Europe that produce high quality products and have an
advanced marketing system for their goods.
(f) The resources of Brazil are monopolized by the multinational companies that are based there.