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Uses of steam

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Answer Text:
- Steam is boiling water turned into gas.
- It was used for first time around 100 AD in a steam-powered engine developed by a Greek scientist called Hero.
- In the 16th century, Thomas Savery, a Briton, built a steam engine which could pump water out of a coal mine.
- In 1712, Thomas Newcomen improved Savery’s design, though his design was still ineffective.
- In 1764, James Watt improved on Newcomen’s engine to make it more effective and by 1800, 320 of Watt’s engines were in use in Britain.
Uses of steam.
(a) It was used to drive heavy machinery in factories and to turn turbines that generated power for industrial use.
(b) It was used for pumping water out of coal mines.
(c) It was used in steam –powered locomotives and ships.
(d) The massive temple doors in Egypt were only opened using steam.