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 Form 2 History and Government Development of Industries Online Video Lessons

Uses of Solar energy and its invention

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Answer Text:
Solar Energy.
- It is obtained directly from the sun and is used to dry firewood, clothes and to cook food.
- In 1714, Antoine Lavoisier made a solar furnace which could melt metals.
- An engine using solar power was used to run a
printing press in Paris in 1880.
- In 1954, the first solar cell which turned sunlight into electricity was made.
Uses of Solar energy.
(a) Drying agricultural products.
(b) Distilling of salty water to get salt crystals.
(c) Heating water in homes and industries.
(d) Heating and lighting buildings.
(e) Cooking using solar cookers.
(f) Irrigation using solar water pumps.
(g) Powering satellites in space.