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 Form 2 History and Government Development of Industries Online Video Lessons

Effects of iron working to African people.

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Answer Text:
Effects of iron working to African people.
(a) It promoted empire building. Many kingdoms and empires relied on strong iron, weapons to fight expansionist wars e.g. Egypt, Benin and Mwene Mutapa empires.
(b) It led to migrations especially of the Bantus who were able to protect themselves during the journeys using iron weapons.
(c) It promoted agriculture since large tracts of land could now be used to produce more food using stronger tools.
(d) Adequate food resulted in population increase and later migration to areas with sparse population.
(e) It resulted in specialization and division of labour as some people became iron smelters while others engaged in other activities like trade.
(f) It stimulated construction and building works using stronger metals like iron. Better houses, temples and bridges were built.