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 Political Developments and the Struggle for Independence in Kenya (1919-1963)

The Lancaster house conferences:The first Lancaster House Conference (1960)

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Answer Text:
The Lancaster House Conferences.
-The Conferences were called to iron out the differences that arose out of the fact that both radical Europeans and AEMO members opposed multi-racialism.
The First Lancaster House Conference (1960)
-The conference was convened by Ian MacLeod, the secretary of state for colonies. it was attended by all members of the LegCo.. The African team was led by Ronald Ngala and Tom Mboya was the secretary.
The conference came up with the following compromise decisions;
a) The 12 elective seats In the LegCo would remain intact.
b) There were to 33 open seats in the LegCo, which were to be vied for on a common roll.
c) Another 20 seats would be reserved – 10 of these for Europeans, 8 for Asians and 2 for Arabs.
d) The composition of the Council of Ministers was to be altered to incorporate 4 Africans, 3 Europeans and 1 Asian.
e) The conference authorized the formation of countrywide political parties for Africans. KANU and KADU were formed.
The Lancaster conference however failed to entirely please both Africans and the settlers. Some settlers, finding the new turn events so tough began to sell their property and leave Kenya.