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 Political Developments and the Struggle for Independence in Kenya (1919-1963)

Kenya Federation of Labour. (KFL) and its demands

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Answer Text:
Kenya Federation of Labour. (KFL)
-Following the enactment of the Trade Unions Ordinance in 1952, various small African trade unions (Kenya Local Government Workers’’ Union, Domestic and Hotel Workers’ Union and East AFRICAN Federation of Building and Construction) united to form the Kenya Federation of Registered Trade Unions
(KFRTU). Its officials included Mwichigi Karanja (president), Aggrey Mwinya(secretary general), S. Ondiege, Elikana Okusimba, Silas Okeya, David Jomo, S. Osore, James Wainaina and Dishon Sambili.
Among the demands of KFRTU were the following;
- Increase in African wages.
-Improvement of the living conditions and poor housing for its workers
-Protest against the arrest and detention of union officials.
- Protest against forceful evacuation of the Aembu, Ameru and Agikuyu from Nairobi In 1953.
-Protest against increase in the price of tea and bread in 1955
-Protest against the continuity of the state of emergency.