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 Political Developments and the Struggle for Independence in Kenya (1919-1963)

Early political organizations in Kenya upto 1939:Kikuyu association

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Answer Text:
Early political organizations in Kenya upto 1939
Kikuyu Association
-This was the first political organization in Kenya. It was founded in 1920 by Loyalist Kikuyu chiefs, concerned about the continued grabbing of African land for European settlement.
-They also complained about the planned reduction of African wages after the replacement of the rupee with the shilling, the kipande system which they equated to slavery.
-The patron was Paramount Chief Kinyanjui wa Gathirimu and Chief Koinange wa Mbiyu was the president.
-The Association, being made of loyalist chiefs, was never aggressive in its demands. The members therefore failed to get any meaningful concessions from the government.
-Later, Harry Thuku and Abdalla Tairara joined the association together with other Christian converts who were labourers, colonial
house servants and clerks in Nairobi and central Kenya.