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 Political Developments and the Struggle for Independence in Kenya (1919-1963)

Causes of Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya in 1950s

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Answer Text:
a) The unemployment of the ex-soldiers who had been promised jobs after the World War II, but instead were made porters on European-estates.
b) Africans, especially the Kikuyu, wanted their land returned.
c) It was a reaction against the Kipande system.
d) The introduction of racial discrimination in Kenya. The Europeans equated the black colour with low intelligence, uncivilized, barbaric and a backward race.
e) Africans were fed up of heavy and harsh taxation by the Europeans. Failure to pay tax was punishable by taking away the land or even imprisonment.
f) The dominance of the economy by the Asian and white settlers. The Africans were not allowed to take part in meaningful business.