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 Political Developments and the Struggle for Independence in Kenya (1919-1963)

The Lennox-Boyd Constitution and the proposals made by Sir Allan Lennox- Boyd in 1958

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Answer Text:
The Lennox-Boyd Constitution.
In 1958, Sir Allan Lennox- Boyd, who had succeeded Oliver Lyttelton as secretary State for Colonies visited Kenya and made the following constitutional proposals;
a) An increase by six LegCo Seats for Africans to bring their total representation to 14 seats.
b) A special membership in the LegCo, with four members from each race, who were to elected by other members of the LegCo.
c) An increase of the number of African ministers to two. AEMO members rejected the Lennox-Boyd proposals saying they still
favoured white monopoly in the colony especially the specially elected membership to LegCo. AEMO also called for the unconditional release of Jomo Kenyatta.
-They even boycotted the Legco from 1958 to 1959 when a new constitutional conference was promised.
-These followed the formation of more radical parties by the African leaders.