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 Political Developments and the Struggle for Independence in Kenya (1919-1963)

Role played by women in the struggle for independence.

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Answer Text:
Role played by women in the struggle for independence.
a) The women acted as spies to the Mau Mau fighters in Nairobi and other urban centres. They supplied arms to fighters.
b) They contributed to the establishment of independent churches and schools. For example, Legio Maria was co- founded by a Woman, Aoko, in western Kenya.
c) They provided food to the fighters in the bushes.
d) In central Kenya, they composed songs and dances, which ridiculed colonial chiefs and other agents of the colonial system. E.g Muthirigu.
e) They looked after families as the men were busy fighting in bushes.
f) In the 1930s, some section of the Agikuyu women formed the Mumbi Central Association, feeling that KCA was not recognizing their contribution.
g) They hid the fighters in houses.