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 Political Developments and the Struggle for Independence in Kenya (1919-1963)

The East African Association.(EAA)

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Answer Text:
The East African Association.(EAA)
-It began off as Young Kikuyu Association (YKA) in 1921 having been inspired by the Young Buganda Association in Uganda. Its founders included
-Harry Thuku, Abdalla Tairara, Mwalimu Hamisi and Muhamed Sheikh.
-Harry Thuku, the leading founder of this association was a mission educated elite
who was working as a telephone operator in Nairobi. He became dissatisfied with the non-aggressiveness of the Kikuyu Association which was dominated by loyalist chiefs, in pressing the colonial government for Africans’ demands YKA being very aggressive demanded;
-The return of African land.
-Better working conditions for Africans.
-Reduction of taxes.
- Withdrawal of Kipande system which had been introduced in 1920.
-Increase in wages.