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 Political Developments and the Struggle for Independence in Kenya (1919-1963)

Role of women in the Mau Mau movement.

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Answer Text:
Role of women in the Mau Mau movement.
a) Some women were fully-fledged warriors fighting alongside men. 'Field Marshall' Muthoni went to fight alongside famous warriors of the forest like Dedan Kimathi Waciuri.
b) The women in the camps made sure that the family continued intact through all of the while their men were out fighting.
c) While men were in the forests, Mau Mau women continued to educate their children to be the future leaders of their government. d) Many women sought support for Mau Mau internationally. E.g, Mama Sarah Sarai, an ally of Kenyatta’s, when out of the country would get people to write in support of Mau Mau.
e) Some women offered their property for use by mau mau. In Nairobi, Mama Josephine Muthoni offered her cars to be used for Mau Mau activities.