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 Political Developments and the Struggle for Independence in Kenya (1919-1963)

Kenya African Study Union (KASU)

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Answer Text:
Kenya African Study Union (KASU)
When Eliud Mathu was nominated to the Legco on 10th October 1944, a number of well educated Africans led by Francis Khamisi agreed to form Kenya African Union (KAU) with the following objectives;.
a) To assist Mathu in his new task as the first African nominated to the LEGCO.
b) To create a Multi-ethnic political grouping representing the interests and constitutional rights of all Africans effectively.
c) To advocate for more constitutional reforms for Africans.
d) To demand for better living and working conditions. In January 1945, James Gichuru became the president of KASU after Harry Thuku resigned, being unable to cope with radicalism in the union. Under Gichuru, KASU published a newspaper - Sauti ya Mwafrika that concentrated on African grievances and the proposed East African Federation which they opposed. The organization rejected proposals to give more powers to European members in the Executive council.