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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on fishing

Fishing in Lake Victoria in Tanzania

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Answer Text:
Fishing in L. Victoria in Tanzania
- About 49% of L.Victoria is in Tanzania.
- There are many fishermen who use modern techniques and equipment.
- Fishing boats are large and carry large stocks of fish which enables fishermen to travel deep into the lake where there is more fish.
- The neighbourhood of the lake is densely populated with large towns as Bukoba, Mwanza and Musoma which provide a ready market and
processing facilities for the fish.
- Lack of well developed transport limits the marketing of fish to the interior towns.
- Fishing has been an old tradition of the people living around the lake.
- The main type of fish caught is dagaa usually caught at night when attracted by light using special nets with small meshes.
- The factory at Kigoma preserves and processes fish for sale to other parts of the country while some of the fish
is smoked or dried and exported to Zambia.
- Fishing is concentrated along the shore because rough storms discourage fishermen from going far into the lake.