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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on fishing

Fish farming in Kenya and areas where it is carried out

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Answer Text:
Fish Farming in Kenya
- Rearing of fish in ponds where the farmer provides an environment conducive for the survival of fish.
- Fish farms are mainly found in Nyanza, Western, Central, Coast and parts of Rift Valley.
- Fish ponds are built in areas with heavy clay or loamy soils which are usually impervious.
- The ponds must be located near a river to ensure a steady supply of water to ensure the water remains fresh providing natural environment for fish.
- After establishing a pod the farmer gets fingerings from hatcheries set up at Sagana, Kabaru, Kibos, and Aruba and put them in the pond.
- The main types of fish kept are tilapias which are more popular because they breed fast, are resistant to diseases and can survive in different environments, trout suited to cool areas such as the slopes of Mt. Kenya and mudfish.
- Fish are fed regularly on grass, vegetables, grains, compost manure and remains of processed fish.
- Some plants are grown in the pod to provide oxygen.