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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on fishing

Conservation measures of fisheries

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Answer Text:
Conservation Measures of Fisheries
(a) Enact law banning of small meshed nets to prevent catching of immature fish which leads to depletion of fish stocks in water bodies.
(b) Improve transport infrastructure to enable exploitation of fishing grounds in remote areas in order to reduce overexploitation of the few accessible fishing grounds such as L.Victoria.
(c) Fish farming to ensure fish caught in natural waters aren’t overexploited and depleted.
(d) Restocking overfished waters using fingerings from hatcheries or from overpopulated fishing grounds.
(e) Banning fishing temporarily whenever over fishing is detected to let fish to mature and breed.
(f) Licensing fishermen to regulate the rate at which fish are exploited to prevent their depletion.
(g) Regular patrols to ensure that foreign fishermen don’t trespass Kenya’s marine waters to reduce competition for fish.