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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on fishing

Factors that have led to high development of fishing in north-west atlantic fishing grounds

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Answer Text:
Factors That Have Led To High Development of Fishing in North-West Atlantic Fishing Grounds
(a) Large continental shelf providing an extensive area over which plankton can grow.
(b) Convergence of warm Gulf Stream current and cold Labrador Current resulting in cool temperatures favourable for the thriving of
plankton and which also makes the area to be ice free most of the year.
(c) Adjacent lands have a cold climate and a rugged landscape unfavourable for agriculture making the alternative to be exploitation of fishing grounds.
(d) There is a dense population in the surrounding areas which provides a ready market for fish e.g. Massachusetts and Connecticut.
(e) There is a highly developed technology which allows fishing to go on throughout the year e.g. large and self contained ship with radar to forecast storms, wireless communication and processing and storage facilities