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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on fishing

Factors that led to high development of North East Pacific fishing grounds

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Answer Text:
Factors that led to high development of N.E Pacific Fishing Grounds
(a) The coast is washed by N. Pacific current which makes water favourable for plankton growth and ice free enabling fishing to be done throughout the year.
(b) Many inlets which form favourable shelter for breeding of fish and good sites for fish ports e.g. fiords and river estuaries.
(c) Presence of several rivers and lakes which form suitable breeding grounds for species such as salmon.
(d) Rugged mountainous landscape and dense forest cover which has made the area unconducive for agriculture and forced people to carry out fishing as an alternative economic activity e.g. British Columbia.
(e) Ready market because of sound economies of the industrialised USA and Canada enabling people to have economic power to purchase fish and capital for the development of fishing industry.