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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on fishing

Human factors influencing fishing

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Answer Text:
Human Factors influencing fishing
Supply of Labour
- Fishing is intensively carried out in Europe, Asia and N. America due to labour availability as it’s labour intensive.
- Fishing is done extensively in highly populated and developed regions with a ready market because fish is
a perishable commodity e.g. in Norway, Japan, China, etc.
Fish Eating Culture
- Fishing is extensively done in areas where there is a habit of eating fish e.g. Norway and Japan.
Transport and Preservation Facilities
- Fishing is done extensively in countries with transport
and refrigeration facilities because fish is perishable and has to be transported in refrigerated lorries and ship.
- Fishing is extensively done in developed countries because they can afford huge sums of money required for hiring labour force, buying fishing equipment and preservation facilities.
Rapid growth of fishing industry in developed countries is as a result of presence of advanced equipment like large refrigerated ships, trawl nets, fish detecting equipment, etc.