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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on fishing

Fishing in Uganda and areas where it is carried out

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Answer Text:
Fishing in Uganda
- Inland fishing grounds include lakes Victoria, Kyoga, Albert, George, Edward, Katwe and in rivers Nile, Kagera, Kafu, Semliki and Katonga.
- Fishing industry has been interrupted by a long civil strive in the country reducing it to a subsistence economy.
- L.Victoria is the main fishing ground, that is 46% of the Lake
- Many fishermen own motorised boats enabling them to travel deep into the lake and catch a lot of fish.
- Numerous highlands provide anchoring and resting places for fishermen.
- The fishermen sell their fish to co-operatives which organise processing and marketing.
- The dense population around such as in major towns of Entebbe, Kampala and Njinja provide a ready market for fish.
- Fish is also dried and sold in other parts of Uganda.
- Fish is popular as a diet of majority of Ugandans.
- There are fish processing factories in Njinja where fish is filleted.