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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on fishing

Problems facing marine fishing in Kenya and Tanzania

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Answer Text:
Problems Facing Marine Fishing in Kenya and Tanzania
a) Inadequate market due to low purchasing power of the surrounding community, Poor transport network to the interior of the country and availability of agricultural products in some coastal areas which reduces the rate of fish consumption.
b) Inadequate capital which causes fishermen unable to afford expensive equipment used in deep sea fishing which restricts them to fish near the shore hence the low catch.
c) Stiff competition from industrialised countries mainly Japan and Korea which have modern fishing equipment and are able to tap fish in the deep sea.
d) Lack of refrigeration facilities to enable them transport fish to distant markets.
e) Unpopularity of fishing as an economic due to fish prices being high which discourages people from eating it regularly.
f) Strong sea tides which are a great menace to local fishermen
who use small boats which are not motorised which forces them to go fishing when the sea is calm making them to catch only a limited stock.