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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on fishing

Fresh water fisheries in Kenya and their examples examples

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Answer Text:
Fresh Water Fisheries
- Found in inland in lakes, rivers and ponds.
Kenya fresh water fisheries
- Lakes are the main suppliers of fish and their resources are more exploited than those of the Indian Ocean because they are calm than seas enabling fishermen to reach deep areas where there is a large catch.
- The fresh water lakes containing fish are Lakes Victoria, Naivasha, Baringo, Jipe, Chala, Balisa and Shakababo in lower Tana and Kanyaboli and Sare in Yala Delta.
- The only alkaline lake containing fish is L. Turkana,
- Most fishermen use simple equipment but around L. Victoria trawlers are used.
- Many fishermen don’t belong to a co-operative hence they sell their catch to the middlemen at minimal prices.
- The middlemen with refrigerated lorries transport the fish to urban centres where they make a huge profit while the rest of the fish is smoked, salted or sun dried and transported to local markets.
- L. Victoria forms the main centre for inland fishing contributing the largest fresh water catch.
- The main species of fish is tilapia and others are herring, Nile perch and omena.