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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on fishing

Factors that led to development of North west Pacific fishing grounds

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Answer Text:
Factors that led to development of N.W Pacific Fishing Grounds
(a) Broad continental shelf which favours plankton growth leading to more fish.
(b) Convergence of cold Oya Siwo and warm Kuro Siwo currents which result in cool well oxygenated and ice free waters ideal for fishing throughout the year.
(c) Numerous islands, bays and sheltered inlets which favour fish breeding and provide good fishing ports.
(d) Mountainous landscape especially in Japan which hinders development of agriculture making fish an alternative source of food and income.
(e) Large and ready market due to high population in the Asian countries.
(f) Advanced technology e.g. Japan has large modern vessels with refrigeration facilities, Processing equipment, electronic communication making fishing to be very efficient.