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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on fishing

Physical factors influencing fishing

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Answer Text:
Factors Influencing Fishing
Physical Factors influencing fishing
Presence of Plankton:
- Large shoals of fish are found in shallow waters of lakes and seas where there is plenty of plankton. They thrive where depth of waters is less than 180 m deep because it is up to where sun rays can reach.
Nature of the Coastline
- There is more fish on coasts with sheltered inlets and estuaries because of calm water and shelter from natural enemies like predators e.g. Fiords of Norway.
- People in some countries engage in fishing due to mountainous landscape
which hinders other economic activities such as agriculture e.g. Japan, Norway and Alaska.
Climatic Conditions:
- In temperate regions there is more fish because there is cool waters which plankton requires to grow while in tropical lands there is less fish due to high temperatures resulting in warm waters
which hinders plankton growth.
Convergence of Cold and Warm Ocean Currents:
- There is plenty of fish in areas where warm and cold ocean currents meet because upwelling takes nutrients to the surface and improves the circulation of oxygen and cold ocean currents cool waters in tropical regions resulting in conducive
conditions suitable for plankton thriving e.g. the coast of Namibia washed by the cold Benguela current.