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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on fishing

Differences between fishing in Kenya and Japan

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Answer Text:
Differences between Fishing in Kenya and Japan
- In Kenya fishing is mostly concentrated in inland waters while in japan fishing is mostly concentrated in the N.W. Pacific fishing grounds.
- In Kenya fishing is carried a few kilometres off the shore but in japan it is done in deep seas even far beyond their territorial waters.
- Less fish is found in Kenya due to warm waters and narrow continental shelf while in japan there plenty of fish in marine
waters due to broad continental shelf and convergence of warm and cold current.
- In Kenya there is low demand for fish than in Japan.
- In japan the fish species caught are cod, Mackerel, Alaska Pollack while in Kenya it is Tilapia, Nile Perch Dagaa and black bass.
- In Japan marketing of fish is done mainly by co-operatives while in Kenya it’s mainly done by individual fishermen although there are few co-operatives.
- Marine fishing in Kenya faces competition from other countries such as Japan and Korea while in japan it doesn’t.
- Japan has more advanced technology than Kenya that ensures heavy catch while Kenya has limited technology leading to low catch.