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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on fishing

Problems facing inland fishing in Kenya

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Answer Text:
Problems Facing Inland Fishing
1. Over-exploitation due to accessibility of L. Victoria. Tilapia from L. Turkana is cheap and thus in high demand.
2. Indiscriminate fishing leading to catching even immature fish.
3. Boundary conflict over L. Victoria especially with Uganda e.g. recently over Migingo
4. Water hyacinth in L. Victoria.
5. Lack of capital leading to lack of modern fishing equipment which restricts the catch per day.
6. In L. Victoria Nile perch preys on the other fish such as tilapia lowering their stock.
7. Communities neighbouring L. Turkana such as Turkana, El Molo, and Rendile are pastoralists and sparsely populated so they can’t provide reliable market for fish.
8. The damming of river Omo in Ethiopia has reduced the amount of water flowing into L. Turkana drying of Ferguson bay which is the main fishing area.