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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on fishing

Factors that have led to high development of fishing in North-East Atlantic fishing grounds

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Answer Text:
Factors That Have Led To High Development of Fishing in North-East Atlantic Fishing Grounds
a. Numerous sea inlets which provide shelter for the spawning of fish and anchoring of fish boats e.g. fiords of Norway.
b. Ruggedness of landscape by glaciated features which is unfavourable for agriculture making fishing another economic activity.
c. Warm Atlantic Drift Current which raises the temperature
making conditions to be favourable for plankton growth and making fishing possible throughout the year.
d. Large continental shelf providing an extensive area for plankton growth.
e. Land derived minerals brought by the icebergs from the land which provides plenty of food for plankton which fish eat.
f. Dense and affluent population of W. Europe which provides ready market for fish.
g. There is a highly developed technology which allows fishing to go on throughout the year.