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 Form 3 History: European Invasion and the Process of Colonization of Africa

Results of the Buganda agreement with the British

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Answer Text:
Results of the Buganda agreement with the British
a) British overlord ship was confirmed over Buganda.
b) Buganda was reduced to a status of a mere province.
c) The position of the king was reduced – he lost his power to give or withhold land as well as the power to appoint or transfer chiefs.
d) The 1900 Agreement led to the birth of early nationalistic movements. For
example, the Bataka Opposition Movement in the 1920s by the landless class people rising up against the land-owning group.
e) Modern economy and western education were introduced with Buganda taking the lead.
f) Buganda formed the basis for the British administration as Baganda were appointed as British administrators.