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 Form 3 History: European Invasion and the Process of Colonization of Africa

Terms of the Buganda agreement with the British

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Answer Text:
Terms of the Buganda agreement with the British
a) The Buganda laws were to remain in effect as much as they did not interfere with protectorate laws.
b) Buganda people were to pay poll and hut tax. However, No tax was to be levied on Buganda unless approved by the Lukiko (parliament).
c) The kabaka, ministers and Chiefs to be paid since they were now employees of the British government.
d) Buganda boundaries were defined to include parts of Bunyoro (the ten sazas she had acquired from Bunyoro).
e) Land tenure system was changed to include land on
freehold basis (Mailo land) and crown land.
f) Though Buganda became a province within the protectorate, Ganda system of government was recognized and modified.