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 Form 3 History: European Invasion and the Process of Colonization of Africa

Social reasons for scramble and partition of Africa

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Answer Text:
Social reasons for scramble and partition of Africa
1. The work of Christian missionaries
-They created an atmosphere of friendship with Africans by giving those gifts like cloths and beer, introducing economic activities like farming, carpentry, clerical work, among Africans, that were important virtues in the process of colonization.
-Where they were in danger, they pressurized their home governments to protect them and this began European intrusion.
2. The growth of European population. The growth of European population –steadily to about 420 million in the 19th century led to the quest for new outlets to resettle the population. E.g–
Britain settled some of her people in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and South Africa.
3. Anti-slave trade campaigns- Humanitarian factor.
The humanitarians in Europe like William Wilberforce and Granville Sharp, and the missionaries who led the crusade against slave trade advocated for colonization
of Africa in order to stop it and introduce Legitimate Trade. This opened a route for European intrusion.