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 Form 3 History: European Invasion and the Process of Colonization of Africa

Collaboration and reasons for collaboration by some African communities.

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Answer Text:
This was a style in which Africans responded to European intrusion through diplomacy, adaptation or allying with the Europeans for military support and for material gains.
Reasons for collaboration by some African communities.
a) Some African kings needed to safe guard
themselves against internal and external enemies. e.g. Lewanika of Lozi.
b) Others wanted to promote trade with the imperialists so that they can gain material wealth. For example, the Wanga and the Shona.
c) Influence of the missionaries who convinced some African
leaders to collaborate in order to get western education and civilization.
d) In some communities, there was need for protection against other European powers e.g. the Lozi against the Portuguese.
e) Others were merely in need for assistance to gain regional supremacy. E.g the Maasai who were on downward trend as the Nandi were raising.