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 Form 3 History: European Invasion and the Process of Colonization of Africa

The process of partition of Africa and the Berlin conference

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Answer Text:
The fore –runners to the process of partitioning Africa were the early explorers, missionaries and traders. Their activities were succeeded by the making of treaties and agreements in various parts of Africa between trading companies and the locals. . For example, the Buganda
Agreement, the Heligoland Treaty and the Berlin act of 1884-1885. The Europeans sometimes blended diplomacy with wars of conquest or use of force especially against the resisting communities.
The Berlin conference
On 15th November 1884, Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, the USA, Portugal and Italy convened in Berlin
to lay down the rules for the partition and eliminate conflicts amongst European nations. Africans, whose continent was being shared, were not represented in the conference.
The Berlin Conference of 1884-85, partitioned Africa into different spheres of influence without recourse to war.