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 Form 3 History: European Invasion and the Process of Colonization of Africa

Causes of the 1893 Ndebele war.

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Answer Text:
Causes of the 1893 Ndebele war.
1. The Ndebele detested the treachery used by the British in compelling Lobengula to sign the Rudd Concession
2. British occupation of Matabeleland had ended Ndebele powers over the shona whom they always raided for cattle and women.
3. The British acts of provocation (inciting the Shona to raid the Ndebele
for cattle). When the Ndebele chose to attack the shona, the British would then fight them under the pretext of protecting their interests in Mashonaland.
4. The attempt by the Ndebele indunas to punish some shona who disobeyed King Lobengula became the immediate cause.