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 Form 3 History: European Invasion and the Process of Colonization of Africa

Lochner Treaty of 1890; treaty between the Lewanika and British.

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Answer Text:
Lochner Treaty of 1890-it was a treaty between the Lewanika and British.
It was British missionary Francois Coillard who negotiated for the meeting between Frank Lochner, acting on behalf of Rhodes, and Lewanika in 1890.
Terms of the treaty the Lochner treaty
a) Lewanika gave the BSA Company mining rights in
Bulozi except in certain farming and iron mining areas.
b) The company promised to protect the kingdom from outside attacks.
c) The British company promised to pay the king 2000 sterling pounds a year and 4% royalties of all minerals mined in the area.
d) A promise was made to develop trade, build schools
and develop telegraphy in the kingdom.
e) Lewanika would still be a king but just a constitutional monarch, not an absolute ruler as before.