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 Form 3 History: European Invasion and the Process of Colonization of Africa

Terms of the Berlin act of 1884-1885.

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Answer Text:
Terms of the Berlin act of 1884-1885.
a) That all signatories must declare their sphere of influence an area under each nation’s occupation
b) That once an area is declared a sphere of influence, effective occupation must be established in the area through establishment of firm colonial infrastructures.
c) That any state, laying claim to any part of Africa must inform other interested parties in order to avoid future rivalry.
d) That any power acquiring territory in Africa must undertake to stamp out slave trade in favour of legitimate trade and safeguard African interests.
e) That if a European power claims a certain part of the
African coast, the land in the interior next to the coast became hers.
f) That the Congo River and the Niger River basins were to be left free for any interested power to navigate.
g) The European powers vowed to protect and safeguard European interests in Africa irrespective of their nationality.