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 Form 3 History: European Invasion and the Process of Colonization of Africa

Consequences of the maji maji uprising.

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Answer Text:
Consequences of the maji maji uprising.
a) There was massive loss of lives. In its wake, the Maji-Maji rebellion left 15 Europeans and 389 African soldiers and between 75,000 and 100,000 insurgents dead.
b) There was massive destruction of property. This was due to scorched earth policy.
c) Southern Tanganyika experienced severe famine as farms and granaries were destroyed.
d) Thousands of families were displaced during the war. This was because of the fear that gripped the land.
e) The war undermined the German economy in Tanganyika, as numerous
economic activities came to a standstill.
f) There was loss of leadership in African communities which created disorganization and demoralized the African people.