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 Form 4 CRE: Christian Approach to law, order and Justice lessons

Inequitable distribution of wealth and resources as a social disorder with examples

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Answer Text:
Inequitable Distribution of Wealth and Resources as a social disorder.
- Wealth, as has already been defined in the previous topic, is the total accumulation of material goods. Wealth belongs to an individual, family or state.
- Inequitable distribution of wealth and resources implies that resources of a country are not fairly distributed among the people.
- This means that only a few people have access to the resources of a country while the majorities suffer in poverty.
- Some examples include:
(i) Having very few rich people while the majorities are poor. In Kenya, over 50% of its population currently lives below the poverty line.
(ii) Some areas of Kenya are endowed with plenty of natural resources while others do not have, for example, high potential areas compared with marginal areas.
(iii) In the provision of education and training, some areas are endowed with good institutions which provide quality education and training while other areas lack such facilities.
(iv) Good health facilities are more accessible in urban areas than in rural areas.