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 Form 4 CRE: Christian Approach to law, order and Justice lessons

Remedies for Crime.

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Answer Text:
Remedies for Crime.
(i) Punishment.
- A punishment is a penalty for a crime or offence committed.
- Punishments are meant to reform an offender and not to alienate him or her from other people.
(ii) Rehabilitation.
- Rehabilitation is the process of helping a
physically or mentally disabled person or an ex-convict to readapt to society or a new job by vocational guidance, retraining or therapy.
- Rehabilitation is an alternative to punishment.
(iii) The government and the Church should provide soft loans for
youths to start small-scale businesses.
- Starting an income generating project will make them self-reliant and the rate of crime will drastically reduce.
(iv) The church should welcome and involve criminals in activities like church choir and preaching.
- Through prayers, Christians can encourage ex-convicts to turn to Jesus and refrain from anti-social practices.
(v) Christians should remind criminals that each person will have to render an account of their life to God after death and that the wicked will be
punished and the good will be rewarded with eternal life.
- Therefore, criminals should be encouraged to renounce their evil deeds so that they can enjoy a glorious life in Christ and with God.
(vi) The government should put people who commit minor
offences on probation so that they can be monitored while at home.
- Such people are expected to report to the nearest police station once or twice per week.
(vii) Bridging the gap between the rich and the poor.
- The state and the government should ensure that national wealth and resources are equitably distributed to all citizens.
(viii) Upholding Christian, traditional values and principles.
- The society should uphold both the traditional and Christian values and principles so that the youth are brought up morally upright.
(ix) Participation of the youth in community development.
- The society should keep the youth actively involved in community activities such as sports, plays, communal work like tree planting, cleaning of
market places and village surveillance.
(x) Improving security.
- The government should improve security in both urban and rural areas by increasing the number of police officers and equipping them with modern skills and equipment to deal effectively with crime.